Vibration conveyor

Conveying solutions for your application

  • lengths, heights and widths as to customer needs
  • very robust design
  • maintenance free
  • horizontal conveying
  • leveling and accumulation
  • corner transfer
  • hoppers and slides to guarantee takeovers from and to the conveyor

MASUR vibration conveyors transport different kinds of materials in horizontal direction. The advantage is that the material is leveled by the vibration of the conveyor and also the material has the possibility to accumulate. The MASUR vibration conveyors are very robust and need hardly any maintenance effort.

The vibration conveyor trays are made of robust steel plate bended to their final shape. The vibrating movement is caused by a SEW gear motor and an accentric arm fitted to the bottom of the tray. The transportation speed is variable and can be set as to customers needs. Quite frequently the vibration conveyors are used for the infeed of shredding machines.

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