Paddle chain Conveyors

Conveying solutions for your application

  • lengths, heights and widths as to customer needs
  • paddle chain with plastic paddles
  • breaking force of chain 112.000N
  • curves between 30° and 90° guarantee high flexibility
  • conveyors for inside and outside use
  • hoppers and slides to guarantee takeovers from and to the conveyor
  • special features: jam detector, loading station for trailers, etc.

Paddle chain conveyors produced by Masur Energiesysteme GmbH are characterized by the robust conveyor frame which is made of 4 mm steel plates - build to last. The conveyor transports chip material, e.g. from a shredding machine into a silo. All conveying directions from horizontal to vertical are possible which creates a high flexibility for the planning of your site. The noise emission as well as the power consumption is very low which bares great advantages compared to aspiration systems.
The chain is driven by a unit at the end of the conveyor and returned over an idle sprocket at the beginning of the conveyor. Transportation and return side of the chain run in separated chambers within the closed conveyor body. A dust free transportation is guaranteed. For our conveyors we only use SEW gear motors and high quality bearings supplied by well-known german companies. Nearly all metal components are machined in our factory to guarantee high quality standards and flexibility.

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