Belt conveyor

Conveying solutions for your application

  • lengths, heights and widths as to customer needs
  • belt material and surface as to application: smooth, supergrip, profiled etc.
  • horizontal, incline and L-belts
  • speed as to customer requirements
  • conveyors for inside and outside use
  • adjustable side guides
  • hoppers and slides to guarantee takeovers from one belt to the other
  • special features: safety covers, scrapers, brushes, rotation control, metal detection/removal, etc.

Masur Energiesysteme GmbH produces belt conveyors in various forms and variations, each one suitable for a different application. in our scope of products you will find horizontal, incline and L-conveyors, different lengths, widths and heights, a vast selection of quality belt materials and surfaces and of course different special features depending on application and surrounding conditions.

All our conveyor bodies are made of bended steel plates with steel bars to gain additional stability. Idle and drive rollers are adjustable to allow belt tensioning and easy maintenance. Return rollers support the return side of the belt. For our conveyors we only use SEW gear motors and high quality bearings and belts from well known german suppliers. Nearly all metal components are produced in our factory to guarantee high quality standards and flexibility.

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